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Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

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Carla Hanson is our 2014

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People's Choice Awards for Best Salon NW

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I had the pleasure of selecting Royal Hair Designs for hair and eyelash extensions during the Miss Oregon 2012 Pageant. Before coming to meet Carla, I had the typical apprehension that a first-time contestant experiences—did I do everything possible to refine my talent, my appearance and my wardrobe for this amazing contest. Fortunately, I met Carla. She was able to invest in my beauty transition. I felt transformed from her makeover… I went from bedazzled to

Carla Hanson News Report 1

Royal Hair Designs LLC Winner People's Choice Award For Best Salon NW2013 & 2014

exceptional. I highly recommend Carla at Royal Hair Designs to anyone that wants to feel as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside—let your inner beauty shine outward. Thank you Royal Hair Designs for truly caring for your clients.

Sylvie Dady

Miss University of Oregon USA


Meeting Carla has literally changed my life! With her knowledge of hair EVERYTHING

Judy R.

Portland, OR


Carla is very professional and dedicated. It was a weekend late appointment and she kindly waited for me. She has in depth knowledge of lash, hair, and styles and uses good quality products. Carla is skillful and has a great artistic sophistication, very professional and dedicated. Really great experience, and will go back on a regular basis.

Ava O.

Los Angeles, CA


Carla is undeniably the BEST IN THE WEST!!! I've had extensions, lash extensions, cuts & colors from her and have not once been disappointed! I recently moved to the LA area and have not been able to find anyone that compares to the quality & care that she provides. If I could I would fly back home every 2 Weeks just to see her!!! Either that or fly her to me ;) I, highly, recommend her for all your beauty needs!!

Wendy S.

Beaverton, OR

and passion for helping others, the transition of growing out my hair, even through the awkward stage, was pleasingly painless. And the eyelash extensions are quality and inexpensive - two words you don't see together often. Carla is a master at her craft. I wouldn't go to any other stylist for "hair work". This woman does it all.

I met Carla to get eyelash extensions. I have problems with mascara and I typically have to remove this makeup within 2-3 hours otherwise I have burning, irritated eyes. I am so pleased I found Carla—she was recommended to me! I have sensitive eyes and I didn't want to take any chances. Carla uses hospital-grade adhesives for lash extensions and that is great because I got lashes that have a firm hold. I have not had a single lash fall-out or sway in an odd direction. I'm so glad that I got eyelash extensions from Carla Hanson, I love the look she gave me. My lashes look natural and beautiful. Thanks to Royal Hair Designs—You Are Fabulous!

Sonja Onthank


Royal Hair Designs is amazing! She has a fun salon with records on the wall, the hair extensions she put in were beautiful! And SO affordable! She really knows her stuff! Would absolutely recommend her!

Katelyn S.

Southwest Portland, OR


Carla at Royal Hair Designs is so talented, and is a warm, caring, fun person too. The salon is very cute and clean, easy to find also. They gives back to the community in so many ways, working with a lot of different charities. They did an amazing job with my hair extensions, they blend in perfectly and look totally natural. Royal Hair Designs pricing is very competitive, I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable their services are. They offers so many different services and are extremely competent in all of them, truly professional. I highly recommend Royal Hair Designs for any of your hair care needs and if you want beautiful lashes, They are the experts!

Diane L.

Beaverton, OR


Hands down, Carla is an amazing person. She cares deeply about her clients; with her its not just about making some money. You can tell she loves her job and her clients very much. I would recommend her any day to anyone looking for an affordable place that cares about their clients. Her prices are amazing as well as her work. I can't tell you enough how happy I am to finally find a great place to get my hair and eyelashes done, it took quite a few to find the right place. I came in there with a disaster extension job that someone else did, it had ripped my hair out and she has helped me revive from that disaster. Go see her!! She's awesome! You will be very pleased with her and her work!! :)

Amy C.

Portland, OR


Royal Hair Designs is the BEST! I flew in from Montana to have my hair extensions done. I have never been more pleased. They did a wonderful job. I would recommend them to anyone. In fact, I just did that. I had another family member move to their area and recommended she visit Royal Hair Designs for all her hair care needs!!

Susan W.

Deer Lodge, MT


Carla is undeniably the BEST IN THE WEST!!! I've had extensions, lash extensions, cuts & colors from her and have not once been disappointed! I recently moved to the LA area and have not been able to find anyone that compares to the quality & care that she provides. If I could I would fly back home every 2 Weeks just to see her!!! Either that or fly her to me ;) I, highly, recommend her for all your beauty needs!!

Wendy S.

Beaverton, OR

Miss Carla is truly the best. She is so warm and professional, her salon is clean and relaxing, and she has the skills and talent that result in the prettiest, healthiest lashes. I have had my lash extensions done at other places, and they do not compare. Carla precisely gets every single lash, and applies them to flatter your personal eye shape. She knows what the best lashes are to use for the look you prefer and for the health of your lashes. I actually have healthier and more abundant lashes after going to her because there is no damage and my previously damaged lashes (from another lash spa) had time to grow in. This is now my must-have beauty ritual, as it makes such a difference in my appearance and saves me so much time because I no longer have to mess with mascara or curl my lashes. I am a busy mom of a toddler and a baby. This treat saves me time and helps me look more awake, polished, and dare I say, glamorous! I drive all the way from Seattle to her studio because she is worth it. You can try other places, but I already have. Go see Carla. You'll be glad you did.-


Seattle, WA.


I have been all over the Pacific Northwest looking for a stylist that can work -with- me on my hair. In the past, I've been absolutely frustrated by paying $70 or $80 to have someone hack off hard-earned inches or refuse to listen to my cautions about trimming down my odd and unpredictable curls. THANK GOODNESS for Carla. I first came to her on a whim, after seeing the awesome haircut she gave to one of my guy friends. Talk about a gamble! The second I walked into her intimate, fun 50's themed studio, I knew I'd made the right choice.

Carla is bubbly and kind and will talk you through her actions every step of the way. She knows I get nervous about length, so she makes it a point to show me exactly how much she's trimming and lets me know why it's necessary without even having to ask. Every time I come in (my 4th appointment is this week!), we talk for a long time about new ideas or styles that might suit me, and she is ALWAYS right. I used to make super intense photo collages of possible hairstyles so that I could direct and control what happened to me; with Carla, I just walk in and let her do her thing. And I get compliments for weeks afterwards, no joke. It's so refreshing.

On top of it all, she has the most reasonably priced salon in town. You will be totally shocked. I've recommended her to my mother, my male friends (especially those with a little less up top than they'd like; she's great with hair loss), my coworkers...and now the Internet.

One caution: Carla's got standards, and that's why I trust her. If you come in wanting to dye your gorgeous raven locks some awful shade of bleach blonde, she's gonna gently tell you what a terrible idea that is...and she'll already have better ideas. Carla's in the business of making people feel beautiful, and she's great for saving a girl a few regrets. :)

Summary: SUPER value, SUPER smart, SUPER haircuts, SUPER loyal customer base. Go check this lady out, like now.

PS: She puts in hair feathers like a champ.

Jamilyn F.

Beaverton, OR


I will never let anyone else cut my hair again, Royal Hair Designs has been SO wonderful, not only just for me, but for my whole family!! I have very long hair and have had a LOT of very unfortunate hair stylists attempt to work with my hair over the years. When I saw Royal Hair Designs location was so convenient to my home, I couldn't wait to stop by and check out the salon, and see if she might be the answer to my needs.

At my first appointment, Carla was very honest with me and said that my layers were terribly uneven and that it would take time and several cuts to be able to correct my hair issues. As I knew that the layers were awful already, I so completely appreciated her honesty and knowledge to be willing to say to me, a new client, that she could fix it, but over time; most stylists I have been to, when they see the mess the stylist before them caused, they fib and cut my hair, leaving me an even bigger mess than when I walked in! Not Carla, she not only was honest and open, but she did an amazing job with my hair! My hair is fuller, shinier, and healthier than it has been in years; I am so thankful to her for that!

And to top it all off, my 10 year old son loves her, too! He even tells others all the time "you should go see my hair stylist, she's awesome and can even give you eyelash extensions!" Now for a 10 year old to be selling her skills, right along side Mom, I have to say she is pretty credible!

Anyhow, go see Carla, you will NOT regret it! She is so personable, knowledgeable, and very professional; she really cares about her clients!

Heather W.

Beaverton, OR


Carla is simply amazing! She really cares about her clients and is the best hair colorist I have ever had. She is much more than a hair stylist! My hair is healthier, fuller, thicker and better looking than it has been in many years. I really appreciate that she schedules appointments so she can focus on my hair needs and I never feel rushed. Carla is the only person that I will let touch my hair from now on!

My story: I initially contacted Carla for a consultation about a Hair System system alternative to wearing wigs. I have had some hair loss issues on my forehead and crown. My hair loss has been an embarrassing problem for me as a woman.

Carla was happy to make a private appointment. I could tell right away that she had many years of experience in dealing with hair loss. She recommended a course of treatments to restore the health of my own hair and offered options on how to address my particular issues.

Ultimately I purchased a custom made hair system from Carla that covers just the affected area. You can't tell that I'm wearing it, as the real human hair of the system and my natural hair are so well matched in color. What you see or even touch is mostly my real hair, this system is so much cooler and lighter than my now discarded wigs and I love that I can style it any way I want.

Carla's magic resotred my looks and my confidence - no more hair embarrassment for me. I never thought a custom high quality hair system would be so affordable.

PS. As my natural hair has started to grey, Carla has had no problem in coloring my hair to stay matched to my system. Thank You Carla!

Cindi L.

North Plains, OR


Carla is undeniably the BEST IN THE WEST!!! I've had extensions, lash extensions, cuts & colors from her and have not once been disappointed! I recently moved to the LA area and have not been able to find anyone that compares to the quality & care that she provides. If I could I would fly back home every 2 Weeks just to see her!!! Either that or fly her to me ;) I, highly, recommend her for all your beauty needs!!

Wendy S.

Beaverton, OR

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